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Introduction: SARMAD Company has been established in March 2012 with the joint venture between two major industrial companies, Chadormalu mining & industrial Co and Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (MMDIC).

Sarmad Iron and Steel Complex began operating its rolling mill unit with a nominal capacity of 450,000 tons of reinforced bars of 8 to 32 mm in December 2016. Currently, construction of Wire rod mill with capacity of 400,000 T/y and steel making plant with capacity of 600,000 T/y are the two expansion projects running in Sarmad Iron and Steel Complex

Purposes and Prospects

Collaboration in the production chain and rebalancing in raw materials and products, and permanent research and effort in increasing the utilization and enhancing the quality and quantity, useful and continuous training, real and effective employment creation through activities development, creating the connection unit between the industry and region universities, naturalizing sciences and serial contriving in this course for the employment of academics.

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